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Comprehensive Car Insurance in California: The Great-6 Hidden Secrets

3. They Provide a Rental Car When Your Car is Being Repaired

This is one of the factors that really made me love comprehensive coverage. In situations where your car has been involved in an accident and you need to travel, the insurer is obliged to provide you with a rental car. That is a benefit that you will never get if you are into third-party coverage.

Another thing you should note with comprehensive car coverage in California, if your car has been stolen, you will be given a rental car for a period of 14 days until the car is found. Assuming that you had no fault in an accident, you will be given a vehicle that you will be using until the case is over.

comprehensive car insurance in California

Of course, they consider various factors before giving you those benefits, and the baseline is that you must be enrolled in the comprehensive coverage. The insurers do that to ensure your daily routines are not inconvenienced by the accident or loss of your vehicle. Do you see why I love comprehensive car insurance?

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