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Car Insurance Costs in California 2022: The Best Determining Factors

Factors That Determine Your Car Insurance Costs in California

According to various insurance agents and companies in the United States, the average car insurance cost in California is around $1,713 annually. That can be considered to be 20% more than the usual national average.

car insurance cost in california

There are many factors that determine car insurance costs in California but four are dominant: your age, your driving history, your marital status, and the type of insurance cover. It would interest you to know that California is one of the few states in the United States that does not care about your credit score when it comes to car insurance.

1. Car Insurance Costs Based on Age

a) Teens (16-20)

Young drivers in California have their car insurance costs skyrocketing where they can go as high as $7,175 per year. Of course, the reason is obvious; young drivers are careless and less responsible while on the road. They want to imitate fast and furious on the Californian roads. We all know how dangerous that can be.

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Although we mentioned that the teens in California, 16 to 20 years old, usually pay the highest rates of premiums, it is also good to know that, there are other states in the US that could be charging more. According to statistics, California is the 34th cheapest state when it comes to acquiring car insurance for your teenagers.

If a young driver, say, 16 years old wants to have reduced premiums, then they can use their parents’ driven license. But if they want to have personal DL, then you can be sure of very high premiums every year for your car insurance. As long as you are a driver below the age of 20s, be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket.

car insurance cost in california

b) the 30s, 50s, and 60s

In your 30s you can enjoy less premium because you have now become responsible all the way up to your 60s. In your 60s, you have seen it all, and you are careful with life, less stressed, and enjoying your pension quietly. The elderly drivers on the road, in their 60s usually enjoy the lowest car insurance costs in California.

c) the 40s and 70s

Another interesting fact on auto insurance costs in California was related to the drivers who are in their 70s. They pay as if they are in their 40s. Perhaps the insurance companies have a mentality that these drivers are stressed and can easily be carried away by thoughts when they are driving and end up causing accidents.

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