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Business Insurance Agent in California: Their Best 10 Great Features

7. They are Certified

Do I say that it is illegal to work with an insurance agent who is not certified? Well, let me say that it is the easiest way to get yourself duped. As I previously mentioned; California is a huge state and there are people masquerading as business insurance agents with an aim of stealing people.

business insurance agent in california
business insurance agent california

In such a scenario, how will you separate between the genuine and counterfeit agents? The best way still remains to have them show you their registration card or number. Then enter the number into the system and it will clearly show whether they are really certified.

The second way of dealing with uncertified insurance agents is to ask them the insurance company they are working with. After they have given you the name, call the company to ensure that you are dealing with their agent. If the company doesn’t know them, you are in for a great deception and robbery.

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