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Auto Insurance Premiums in California: The Best 7 Top Cutting Tips

How to Cut Auto Insurance Premiums in 2022

Auto insurance is a must for every driver driving in California state. Of course, you will need this insurance to keep you and your loved ones while driving. There are various types of auto insurance in California but whichever plan you choose to get, ensure your auto insurance premiums are affordable.

It is good to note that there are no specific amounts of premiums an insurance company requires you to pay but there are ranges. We have previously covered some of the factors that determine your auto insurance costs including age, your marital status, and your driving history among others.

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With the current state of the economy, everyone in California and across the US is looking for a way to cut their auto insurance costs. It becomes even worse if you have heard a driving negligence history or you have been caught in the web of DUI.

auto insurance premiums in California

We, therefore, thought it wise to do research and present to you some of the best tips you can use to cut down your auto insurance premiums in 2022. We hope this article will be quite helpful to you as a resident of California. By the way, you can apply the same tips if you are living in any other state in the US.

What is the Average Auto Insurance Premiums Yearly?

However, before we jump into this crucial topic, I want to let you know that auto insurance premiums are different for every driver in the US especially depending mostly on the insurance company of their choice, their insurance coverage, and the state they are in.

According to the report released by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) in 2018, an average driver paid approximately $1,190. The same report showed that auto insurance premiums rose by approximately 30% between 2014 and 2018.

Maybe you could be wondering, are the premiums going to reduce soon? Well, perhaps that can be answered better by the AAA report that was released in 2020. It showed that the average auto insurance premium is around $100 per month or $1,202 per year.

auto insurance premiums in California

Now having seen that the premiums may never go back to the way they were a decade ago, it calls for sober reflection and coming up with some tips for having reduced premiums. Bear in mind that some state regulations in the US can be a big contributor to paying high premiums.

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