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About us: We are here to inform you extensively of all you need to know about insurance from auto insurance, home insurance, marine insurance, business insurance, to medical insurance. We tell you what insurance companies don’t want you to know; we spill it all here on The Trends.

We hope you will find value on our website. Our motivation to write about insurance is from a cry of one woman from California who was really played by her insurance company after having a vital accident on the Route 91 road. Of course, it was not her mistake, she was hit by a drunk driver.

If you are a resident of California, you are aware of this notorious road in accidents. After the woman sought justice, her insurance company played her and she only got compensated peanut. The last time we spoke, she had sold almost everything to cater for her court expenses and to pay for her lawyer.

It was one of the most saddening clients that I have ever got in my freelancing career. That’s when I decided to come up with a blog that will at least shed some light on who is a great insurance agency in California, some questions to ask an insurance company before making them your partner, and many other things.

We hope you get something that will help you and others not to fall victim to reckless insurance agencies whose aim is to exploit the victims. You can reach out to us at


The Trends

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